Tanya Smith has helped me with great job opportunities. In 2013 She landed me a job at Ventura Grill sports bar. I worked for them for two years. She presented me another opportunity with Nordstrom cafe. I have been with the company since 2015 to present. Renae Kinner
In August of 1996, I moved from Glendale, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ. I had attended GCC for two years, and was getting ready to start my first semester at ASU. I was working at a restaurant in Glendale, and was looking for a position at a restaurant closer to my new home in Scottsdale. Surprisingly, I had trouble finding a restaurant that was hiring at that time. I continued to work at a restaurant in Glendale as I was searching for a new position. I was a full time student, and the commute back and forth to work was exhausting. I rarely had any time to see friends or family, and was spending a lot of money on travel expenses. Tanya Smith called me on Saturday afternoon in March of 1997, and invited me to her house for lunch. I'm so happy that I made time to meet her. During lunch, I told her about my circumstance with my work commute. She asked me a few questions about my restaurant experience, and availability. She had worked in the restaurant industry for many years, and offered her help in locating a local position for me. The following Monday I received a call from her, informing me that a restaurant in Scottsdale was hiring. She had already spoken with the managers, and told them about my experience in the restaurant industry and my availability. I called them immediately, and had an interview the next day. They hired me, and I ended up working there for the next 5 years until I moved out of state. Tanya's motivation and drive to help me locate a position is something I will never forget. She found the perfect job for me to apply to, and I'm still friends with several of the amazing coworkers I had there.Laura Atkinson